Movement space #1

café Violon 

Masaru Munekata [Text, Director, Sound, Art] Takayuki Shibata [Cast] Masaru Fujiwara[Idea, Producer]
Eiko Ogawa [Cast] Ata Kurihara [Cast]

At first, this works, ”Movement space 01” is a works which is conscious that a play is just a play.
A play is conscious that it is just a play.
It means, disclose the fictitiousness that is hidden by a telling, make audience be conscious of fictitiousness,
that is, the audience who is conscious of fictitiousness have a recognition about contemporary matters.
These ideas are highly noticed by theatrical writers of modernism,
and it also has been established as a common ways of make audience laughing.
On the other hands, making theatrical will never start until we are conscious that the play is a play.
So that, in this works, “a beginning” of the play will be declared and “an ending” will be revealed.
Then, something hidden in this conflict, that is a fiction.