Movement space #3
movementspace Gambetta

Masaru Munekata [Text]
Masaru Fujiwara [Director, Composition, Sound, Production]
Takayuki Shibata [Composition, director, Cast, Production]
Camilo Rincon [Cast]
Kyoko Miyamoto [Cast]
Junichiro Sekine, Ai Oba, Noriko Iwasaki, Nozomi Takeyama, tin's theatre [cooperation]

A man with wheelchair is living in a gloomy room. The man never speaks, being in silence, and just gazing at the world.
Another man brings letters to him again and again. One day, he brings one woman and he says it is a big present.
The man of wheelchair and The woman as present start living together. Gradually, The man break his silence, And...