Asagaya Gallery

Written : Samuel Beckett / Translate : Shinya Ando, Yasuya Takahashi
Director : Camilo Rincon / Cast : Anra Nakata, Takaki, Shibata / Flyer design : Noriko Matsubayashi / Production : bug-depayse

Camilo Rincon(Director)
The wirter, *Samuel Beckett, had the idea of writing a novel or maybe a play on a solitary old man. The idea director and the group have adapted and raised a short theatrical version from that play that features on an undecided young man who moves away from his uncertain future, wittingly it that he will never forget his unjust past. Bug-depayse has worked with their own scheme form text written by themselves. In this opportunity, we approach the play in intimate form which it is not elaborated in conventional space for a few spectators.

*Samuel Beckett
Anglo- French play writer and novelist. In this theater, Beckett combined poignant humor with strongly sense of anguish and loss. Best known and most controversial of his dramas are “Waiting for Gdot” (1952) Becket has awarded the 1969 Novel prize in literature.