One Click King
Live space plan B

The man recollect in the jail. With a hart of a revenge all the time. It would be the revenge for the world.


Having a commandments of death on our back. That is a lives
Landscape in our mind
Chain of the image brings people
into reckless escape from the death, however,
The chain of the image
When drop a child to a river
it awakes my pleasure
Laughter make difference between joy and hate unclear and
Draw the borders between people
The border.
You are me and someone but you
Someone Memory Unremembered memory
Memory of no exist
Death of someone unknown image of the moment

Text : Masaru Munekata

Masaru Munekata (bug-depayse) / Written, art, narration, director
Masaru Fujiwara (bug-depayse) / Visual, Sound
Takayuki Shibata / Actor
Katsunori Tamai (Theater Imoya), Chinatsu Akasaki / Stage assistant
Yoko Koyama, Chie Endo, Jun Nicors Munekata / Narration
Christopher Gregory / Lighting
Mika Sekine / Makeup
Hiroko Otsuka / Flyer design Kyohei Tsuji / Stage staff Haruhiko Okumura / camera Shuichi Togawa(Eigakobo Carufu no youni) / video
Keisuke Ina, Masaya Takahashi (Theater Imoya)・Hiroe Yui / cooperation
bug-depayse / production