Things that drop from mixture
Shinjuku sta. South exit area / Akihabara sta. Electric city exit area

About this performance
This works was dropped from one scene of our past performance works “Mixture – An impossible thing” (2006/10/28-29, Gallry Site). It is the performance that mainly purpose to happen an accidental encounter with others. It was carried out at the streets in Tokyo.

  1. Participants make pair and hold hands. Person A blind fold himself and walk as he want.
  2. When only person A will be in danger, Person B will give him sign that hold hand strongly to help person A.
  3. Person A will ask others to hold his hand, when he feels peoples indication or feels others strongly.
  4. If some people make hand shake, our photographer man would take photo as a memorial photo. (use Polaroid Land Camera)
    *photo is going to be a present for people who will make shake hands.