bara baraba
Komagome La Grotte

It is the works that read the text which is chosen from Many kinds of word texts, for example, established poems, stories, news, products guide, etc. Texts are chosen in random and performers can read it by there own ways, during directed time. According to each artists improvised sensuous work, play/unplay, is directed by ”computers random numbers processing program”, it would be possible that more purely (it is also ironically) improvisation appears. That is the aim of this work.

Cast : Kyoko Hashimoto (bug-depayse), Katsunori Tamai (theater Imoya), Yoshie Baba, bisui, Minori Ashida,
Asao Sekine,Masaru Munekata
Composition / idea : Masaru Munekata
Program(prosessing) / Yusuke Ohba