NaиZö:zAяanYa is an relax event of reading and performance. You will see reading of something you cannot understand,
Something typical literary, or normal poetry reading. And also some installation works would be joined as one of multilingual.
So that, please came and joy our event everyone.

日時:2006/12/13 wed. 20:00 OPEN / 20:30 START
場所:Gamuso ( )


  • Munekata kun and Tamai kun and Harada kun
  • Zakuro neko and Chinatsu Akasaki
  • Mikayo
  • p-rxr(yu)
  • Gussan
  • Mathew James Chromecki
  • Masaru Fujihara : MC
  • Kyoko Hashimoto(bug-depayse) : Organizer