This is an art event which is organized by bug-depayse. It is an artist group that have been doing performing art, contemporary art, and visual art, mainly. The first one was held as a bug-depayse’s additional event at “Gamuso” in Asagaya, in Des.13th.2006. At that time, it was “an relax event of reading and performance”, however, from this time, we gather participants from public under the concept “multilingual”, and aim at fusion, coexistence, communication, between multigenre.

2007.3.17 sat.
Gamuso, Asagaya (


Artist file / Goods

  • Art magazine : COOL -Creators' Infinite Links- (
  • Yusuke Ohba (Photograph)
  • Hiroto Naokatahira (Photograph)
  • Masayuki Tanaka (Design)
  • Yokuna Patopha (Moving image)