This is an art event which is organized by bug-depayse. It is an artist group that have been doing performing art, contemporary art, and visual art, mainly. It has held at “Gamuso” in Asagaya, since Des.2006. Even it is a small and not commercial event, gather participants from public under the concept “multilingual”, and aim at fusion, coexistence, communication, between multigenre. Every time we make a program that consist from free improvisation by artists and audience, presentation of experimental works, and artists exchanges. And we aim at more creative art event. In this time, It is co-organized by bug-depayse and RAFT which is an alternative space at Nakano, Tokyo. Then, we want to create the space that have more sense of “fusion, coexistence, communication”

It have held 6 times already and this is 7th time. In this time, one Installation work was exhibited in the space. It is collaboration works by Masaru Munekata who is the painter and the director of bug-depayse and Shugo Tsuchida who is the sculptor. This is one trial that compare finite space with performance of artists who are doing physical expression mainly. Conversation (coexistence, or repulsion) between each artist and space of works (Installation) zwould be a key.

2009/10/10 sat. - 11 sun.

Painting : Masaru Munekata
Sculpture:Shugo Tsuchida

Graphic Design
Yusuke Ohba

Munekata Masaru


Artists profile is here (sorry, Japanese only)

10.10. sat.
Performance Art : Shohei Nomoto
Performance Art : Kyoko Hashimoto
Dance&Noise : Keisuke Takechi / tsuchigumo
Dance : Yuki Harada
Dance : Miwa Akiko
Ambient Noise : Nao Sakamoto

10.11. sun. 
Dance&music : Watasuku (Arai tasuku / Wataru Kanesashi)
Movement Performance : Ken Nozawa
Ambient Noise : Nao Sakamoto
Electronic Sound : Naoya Ninomiya
Performance Art : Hiroto Naokatahira

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